Vietview Co., Jsc, was established in 2009, with a goal to provide friendly – sustainable living style-oriented products and services for the community. We have close connection with craftsmen and households to supply many handicraft products originated in Vietnam.
  Namely, we are developing several handicraft products made from seagrass, duckweed, rattan, bamboo, straw, ceramics and embroidery, etc. Our products are produced skillfully by hand, using the available natural materials and environmental friendliness under the name Ecoview
  With the motto of righteously contributing to the healthy and sustainable development of ecological living style in the community, we offer you to help us with you to make this goal workable and achievable.

Company members

Mr. Tran Van Nghia


Mr. Do Van Bac 


Mr. Ngoc Anh

Project Manager

Ms. Ngoc Mai

Project supporter

Ms. Thu Phuong